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Over  the last 5 years OMSO has invested substantial R&D resources in order to develop printing presses that have exceeded all Marketer’s Packaging decoration expectations.

Recently, with Servotube, for the Extruded Cosmetic Tube Industry, OMSO has been marketing a unique printing press , combining silk screen and flexo printing, offering a better print quality than label, shrink sleeve or laminate and most importantly at a fraction of the cost per print. Servotube is now the un-challenged number one selling cosmetic tube decoration press in the world.

Based on the same technology, OMSO is now proud of presenting SERVOCUP  the new cup printing press that will change Plastic Cup decoration:

Servocup is a new and unique printing press, that can print in up to 7 colors allowing sophisticated half-tone CMYK or Hexa-chromatic color separation with a level of decoration never achieved before.

For the experts in the field of 3D container decoration, this is a true revolution.
Finally, and after years of Research and Development, OMSO engineers have shattered all obstacles of  print/dry and delivered a CMYK Cup printing press obtaining  true photo-like printing on thermoformed or injected plastic cups.

Servocup, targets the high quality photo-like CUP Decoration Market segment, where marketers are often frustrated by the dry offset principle, print quality limitations.
Looking for a better print quality, a significant number of marketers and packaging manufactures have explored or even opted for alternative indirect decoration techniques such as IML, Shrink Sleeve, label, heat-transfer. If these alternative decoration techniques, have indeed brought some print quality improvement for plastic cups, they have generated other significant obstacles: High cost per print, environmental issues and others; altogether impacting the essence of the cup manufacturing business as a whole.

On the other hand the traditional dry offset printing will continue to represent the most convenient solution for a large number of applications in the massive food industry cup decoration, thanks to the easily assimilated technique , to the high production speed (up to 700 pcs/min), and due to the number of colors (up to 9) at the lowest cost possible cost-per-print. 

During our open house, where our customers were invited, we had the opportunity to show and experience the full range of absolutely innovative solutions and devices designed to enhance and improve the possibilities offered by flexographic printing.