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OMSO ultimate machine for Hi-End decoration of rigid and flexible tubes, unique direct-flexo based solution using UV or UV Led curing.

ULTRATUBE will be displayed by K2013 exhibition and stands for upward enhancement of “Servo” platform to cater for demanding decoration needs as alternative of Servotube 24 mandrels machine: UltraTube allows flexographic decoration of tubes and sleeves till max. 13 colors with resolution up to 180 lpi and more, thanks also to new special printing heads design.

Top graphic performances and unlimited decoration possibilities come from fully electronic controlled movements (main torque motor included), wet-on-dry method, direct flexo features; the optional UV Led lamps equipment makes the Ultratube also sustainable (energy-saving).


The commitment to innovation that has always animated the founding spirit of OMSO SpA, continues to be reflected in more and new investments aimed to meet the needs and expectations of the market by developing new technological solutions available to Customers.


“Servo” platform offer, unique as a whole and internationally awarded for technological innovation, counts the following rich range

  • ServoTube (direct flexo on tubes)
  • MultiUse (finishing operation, trimming, sealing, capping, labeling, etc..)
  • ServoCup (indirect flexo on cups)
  • ServoBottle (silk screen decoration of plastic & glass bottles)

hence keeps on growing up.


Ultratube, in addition to enjoyingthe “Servo” platform features (fully servodriven, electronically controlled, interchangeable printing groups, same vision inspecting system Ecolin, etc…), features also unprecedented printing heads change-over method, production speed till 200 ppm, steady and top quality graphic performances  on tubes by direct flexo printing,


…the OMSO style.