DM 245 is an automatic food container printing machine for offset printing of up to 8 colours on plastic containers of square or rectangular shape.

Printing gets carried out simultaneously on opposite sides of the container.

A background colour can be applied, which will be dried through a led lamp before the 7-colour printing stage, which will also be dried by led lamp.

Finally, finishing by lacquering gets done.


General features:

  • Maximum length of container on edge 196 mm
  • Maximum width of container on edge 182 mm
  • Minimum length of container on edge 143 mm
  • Minimum width of container on edge 75 mm
  • Maximum height of container 100 mm
  • Minimum height of container 25 mm
  • Taper -> from 3 ° to 7 °
  • Maximum production speed up to 8100 pcs/hour

(depending on container size and type of material)

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