Servotube tube machine, high-quality combined printing machine on tubes and sleeves, becomes even more Hi-Tech and the latest upgrades open up new and interesting application fields.
These new options, specifically designed to meet the continuous market evolutions, enrich a platform already winning since its introduction and confirms Servotube137 as one of OMSO Best Sellers for more than 10 years.

News are listed in detail below:

  • Up to 8-colour printing + high-speed lacquer on laminated tubes and sleeves.
  • Automatic laminate joint detection with camera and dedicated software, this ensures the chance of positioning the decoration in relation to the joint with high precision and repeatability.
  • Anilox lacquering unit to keep a calibrated and continuous lacquer thickness on the whole tube/sleeve surface, even at 200mm printing heights or higher.
  • Variable data printing, with digital UV-ink head, easy-to-use and data input to be printed. Perfectly replaceable with a Flexo printing head or a Silk-screen printing head.
  • Vision system for a high-precision quality control.

All described options can be implemented and combined with flexo and silk-screen printing stations.  Much more customised configurations are possible; Servotube137 becomes definitely much more complete and versatile.
It ensures a very high-quality decoration result both for image resolution (photographic effect) and for surface finishing (brilliant, matt and soft-touch effect).
Moreover, the input of the variable data management is the answer to an important market need: the product traceability.
Being aware that the standard industrial traceability of products is a key factor and a valuable tool of competitiveness.