Fast, Innovative, Convenient and Green.
SB021 is a fully servo-controlled automatic screen printing machine for plastic or glass items. It can screenprint from 1 to 3 colours.

Compact look and reduced overall dimensions make it suitable for small-sized companies as well.
User-friendly interface.
It can be implemented with industrial software in order to optimise production activities (Industry 4.0).
UV LED lamps and high-efficiency engines assure reduced energy consumptions.
Zero ozone emission and reduced CO2 production.

General features:

  • General Features:
  • Max. production speed -> 60pcs/min
  • Minimum diameter -> 10 millimetres
  • Maximum diameter -> 110 millimetres
  • Oval minor axis, minimum -> 10 millimetres
  • Minimum height -> 20 millimetres
  • Maximum height -> 280 millimetres


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