The latest model from OMSO, ServoJet, is the state of the art solution for digital printing on objects. 

Servojet features unique and innovative print quality, versatility and efficiency.

A single platform designed for all formats is easily adapted for printing plastic tubes, bottles, containers, caps , vials and more.

Servojet lets customers unleash their creativity; completely integrated leading-edge technology will transform artwork into a finished product with just a few simple passes.

Servojet revolutionises the concept of direct printing on objects, that's why Servojet is not just one machine, but an entire digital printing solution.

Its main characteristics are:

  • Full height print, up to 7 colors (in case of tubes, printing is also possible on the cap's wall)
  • Integrated pre-printing: from the input PDF to printing on the object, with one click
  • Tool free change over;
  • Flexible module configuration with patended smart color module system, for easy color change and maintenance
  • All groups dedicated with full servo management, table indexed with torque motor for precision;
  • Full LED UV and final curing;
  • Powerful diagnostic and automatic inkjet head maintenance;
  • Compact Layout, easy installation and operation

General characteristics:

Tube configuration

  • minimum diameter -> 8 mm
  • maximum diameter -> 60 mm
  • maximum print height -> 210 mm

Bottle configuration

  • minimum diameter -> 8 mm
  • maximum diameter -> 100 mm
  • maximum print height -> 210 mm
  • Maximum production speed -> 100 pcs / min (depending on the size of the object and the artwork).


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