The Servobottle is an eco-friendly machine.
The design replacing the mercury lamps with LED lamps achieved:

  • Reduced heat transmission to the printed article
  • LED lamp consumes approx. 80% less electricity than Hg lamps
  • No ozone produced (no ducting, exhaust fans, or roof penetrations)
  • No mercury disposal requirements
  • Extremely long lamp life with low maintenance costs
  • Lower CO2 emissions into the environment

The “Co2 savings” data page has been implemented in the Statistics section in the last Servobottle Software release. You can now see, in real-time, how much Co2 (in Kilograms) is saved while the machine is running.

This data is obtained by comparing the energy consumption for LED curing technology with modern mercury vapor curing technology. The calculated difference corresponds to the energy savings converted in Co2/Kgs saved. We can calculate how many Co2 Kgs are not emitted in the environment during production with UVLED curing, which is another valuable key factor for more eco-friendly production.

Green products are defined by selecting less impactful materials, such as GREEN PE, GREEN PET, R-PET, or Bio-PET plastics, and an optimized and sustainable production cycle.

This important innovation will be implemented in all new machines, and the existing machines only require a Software update.